In our kennel, we use the best-balanced dog food of the highest and reliable quality thanks to our cooperation with the ROYAL CANIN Company.


This integral feedstuff meets perfectly all the vital needs of pregnant and nursing lady-dogs as well as of young puppies from their birth to two months. It is balanced in such a way that its component combination similar to the maternal milk were matching the supplements of all the necessary elements that increase the immunity and strengthen the digestive system.

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Our pets eat this special feedstuff from 2 to 8 months. Its unique formula strengthens the immunodefences when the organism is getting accustomed to the ambient. This total mixed ration contains an optimal amount of proteins with oligosaccharides of different types, which affects positively the digestive system and regulates the bowel habits of puppies as well as restores their energy and does not allow excess calories accumulating in their organism, which may lead to an excess weight.

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This perfectly balanced full-ration food for junior puppies contains not only an optimal amount of proteins but also the prebiotics that are so necessary for a growing organism. It also has L-carnitine thanks to which the proteins are well digested in the period of an active growing of the junior puppies that are able to restore their force and energy rapidly. The bulking is rapid but smooth. The bony skeleton and joints inevitably get strengthened thanks to the high amount of calcium, phosphorus and other microelements contained in this food.

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This balanced dry pelleted full-ration food for adult and growing large species takes care about both the cardiovascular system of dogs and their skeleton with joints. It removes toxins and oxidates of free radicals from the organism. The dietary fiber prevents the weight gain, and the taurine contributes to the good function of the heart and pericardiac muscles, which is critical to large dogs of high pedigree weight.

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This full-ration dog food is recommended for large dogs whose digestive system is very sensible. It is used for species of 1 year and older. The Giant Sensible formula contains the L.I.P. proteins that are highly digestible and supplemented with an extract of common plantain (Plantago major) seeds. It contributes to the digestive system’s overall functioning, regulates the bowel habits and provides the well-being of the animals. It also contains the polyunsaturated fat acids, Omega-3, which makes the dogs’ hair thick, brilliant and healthy and also strengthens the bones and joints, which is critical to the large species of dogues de Bordeaux and Rottweilers.

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