My name is Elena Skorik. In 2012, I registered my kennel named “Coeur audacieux”. Nevertheless, I got interested in dogues de Bordeaux much more before, as soon as I understood that I had never seen a breed cleverer, wiser and smarter. I would like this breed of really smart and brave dogs to have more and more fans.

We decided to name our kennel in respect of one of the main dignities of the dogues de Bordeaux: “Coeur audacieux”, which means “a brave heart” in French. It fully describes the characteristics of dogs of this breed that are brought up in a right way.

We were producing just one breed of dogs in our kennel for some time. However, since certain time we have started to breed another two wonderful breeds that are Rottweilers and Central Asian Ovcharkas (САО). We have already had a great success in this.

Our puppies live in favorable conditions in the Moscow region where the nature is the purest. They are always under a strong supervise of our in-house high skilled vet. This fact guarantees that any of our pets is very healthy, bred in a right way and, no doubt, it has a long life ahead.

The dogs bred in our kennel are easygoing, they treat children tenderly, they are able to safeguard and they are very clean as well. Their main characteristics are wisdom and intellectuality.

We always have success in the regional exhibitions and in the championships of Russia and Eurasia thanks exactly to these characteristics. Our pets have obtained many times the titles of the Juvenile Championship of Russia, the Championship of Russia and the Championship of Russian Canine Federation. We are not going to rest on our laurels.

Our achievements

  • The “Coeur audacieux” kennel is a member of the Russian Canine Federation (RCF).
  • It is the official member of the Russian Federation of Service Dog Breeding (RFSDB).
  • Most of our pets are the champions and prizewinners of the Eurasian championships, licentiates of the Juvenile Championships of Russia (JCR), of the Championships of Russia and of the Championship of the Russian Canine Federation (CRCF).